ahlers charges

(5-30-18) Andrew Michael Ahlers (40) of Celina is facing charges of abduction and aggravated menacing from an incident that took place on Grand Lake early Memorial Day (5-28-18)  morning.

Two  911 calls were, the 1st was  received from a caller stating the boat’s keys had been thrown in the water by the boat’s operator, who would  jump from the boat into the lake to retrieve them.

The second 911 call was received shortly after that, the call was from a frantic female who stated Ahlers may have a gun in his possession.

9-1-1 Call (edited) – Memorial Day 5-27-18
Be Advised some offensive language is used

An Ohio Department of Natural Resource Officer and other law enforcement officers were the first to respond to call. The officers ordered Ahlers to turn off the boat, after that he was put into custody.

According to witnesses of the incident:

Ahlers and an unknown person had picked up four other people. After they were all in the boat Ahlers  started to operate the boat in an out-of-control fashion, his actions resulted im the passengers being injured during that time, one female had noticeable injuries.  Ahlers dropped all of the passengers off  at Celina’s West Bank and started to make threats.

Ahlers is currently being detained in the Mercer County Detention Center and is being held on $100,000 (10%) bond.