China Space Station

From Mercer County EMA:
The purpose of this advisory is to raise awareness with state and local partners on possible impacts due to the forecast re-entry of the Tiangong-1 Space Station, which the Chinese launched in 2011 and lost communication with (and consequently control of) in 2016.

The European Space Agency expects re-entry on Sunday April 01, 2018 at around 6:30 AM EST, plus or minus 16 hours. A more exact time will be forecasted by space agencies as re-entry nears.

Potential Impact
Multiple sources report that the Tiangong-1 will likely re-enter somewhere in the world between 42.8 North and 42.8 South latitude. The entirety of Ohio is included in the northern most portion of this identified area.

The Chinese space station weighs around 18,959 pounds and measures 35 feet in length and 11 feet in width. Experts assess that most of the material will likely burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere before it reaches the ground, however around 10 to 40 percent of the mass could potentially survive the crash. This remaining debris could weigh over 200 pounds as it reaches the Earth’s surface.

Any debris that reaches the earth should be approached with great caution, and considered hazardous. Debris may contain toxins, including Hydrazine, which is a highly volatile alkaline liquid used as a rocket fuel; hydrazine can cause serious damage to human nerves and liver. Anyone who suspects they have encountered debris from the space station should report it by calling 911 and stay at least 150 ft away from it.


Ohio EMA Posture
The Ohio EMA Watch Office has been actively monitoring the real-time flight path of Tiangong – 1 for several weeks, and sharing information with other state EMAs and FEMA Region V Watch Office. While the chances of debris impacting Ohio are low, please contact the Watch Office

Relevant Resources
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The Ohio EMA Steady State Advisory is intended to provide general awareness of an imminent or potential hazard to Ohio. Please contact the Watch Office with any relevant information, questions, or requests regarding the topic of this advisory. Thank you.

This advisory was compiled by Watch Officer M. Hollar and Watch Chief T. Kempf.