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The best colleges for early childhood education degrees aren’t necessarily the biggest names in higher education. Indeed, top programs are more likely to be found at smaller institutions offering personalized instruction. Using a methodology that looked at the prominence of program and available degree options, here are the best schools for early childhood education.

WSU-Lake’s program is listed as one of the  early childhood education degrees programs in the US according to

The early years are crucial for child development. In fact, early childhood education is so important that a 2007 study found students who attended preschool as three and four-year olds grew into 40-year old adults who had more family stability, greater incomes and less involvement in crime than their peers who didn’t have an early school experience.

Studies like this have led many states to invest heavily in early childhood education with 43 states now offering public preschool programs. That means more job opportunities for those who want to work with young children. However, you need to have the right education if you want to fill one of these positions.

A bachelor’s degree is the most common level of education needed for professionals in the field. While you can earn online early childhood education degrees at some institutions, most must be completed on-campus. If you’re interested in working in the field, keep reading to learn more about the best schools, career opportunities and financial aid options for early childhood education students.