(11-10-21) The Twenty First Century Club met on October 26, 2021 at the Rockford United Methodist Church Tea Room for a regular meeting. President Julie Henkle welcomed everyone and called the meeting to order. Roll-Call was completed with everyone stating a memorable Halloween costume. Minutes were read by Cindy Canary and approved. The treasurer’s report was given. There was some discussion about the cancelled tea as well as bringing items for the Helping Hands Food Pantry. There was discussion about a club outing in place of a meeting which was tabled. Members were asked to bring an interested visitor or friend to the next meeting.

Annie Oakley

Our Story/Ohio’’s Story” the theme for the year was continued as Toni Fisher presented a really good program on Ohioan Annie Oakley. Annie was born Phoebe Ann Moses in Darke County Ohio in 1860. She often hunted with her dad, and after he died, she got the gun off the mantle and went out and shot their meals. Her mom did not like her shooting. She was a Quaker. At 15 she sold the old Kentucky rifle and go a rifle with clean shot. She began hunting in earnest and sold the game to pay off her mom’s mortgage. She eventually met Frank Butler who challenged her to a contest. She won against him 25 shots to 24, and her hired her to be in his traveling shooting exhibition show. The two later married and had a dog named George who would let her shot an apple off his head. The couple was married for 50 years but never had any children. She became the star of the Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show and her husband Frank was her manager. There is a fabulous Annie Oakley collection, at the Garst Museum, in Greenville, OH. It is well worth the visit according to

Julie Henkle presented 50 Fun Facts on the State of Ohio including: Ohio sent more soldiers to the Civil War than any other state; Ohio is home to 50-100 bears; Ohio was first in flight with the Wright brothers; all main roads connect to Columbus, our capital; and the state flag is totally unique in its design called a swallow-tailed burgee.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday, November 16, 2021. Contact Sheila Baltzell-Linn at 419-733-3326 if you are interested in attending a meeting. Members are reminded to invite an interested visitor or friend to come with them to this meeting and bring a canned meat item for the food pantry.