(11-12-20) State Representative Susan Manchester sent a strong message that she is not happy with the latest restrictions and those proposed for the future by the Governor.

Today I made it clear to the governor that shutdowns ARE NOT the answer.

It was evident on her Facebook page that many in the state agree with her

*Thank you!! The first shut down has had a huge impact on business in an extremely bad way. He needs to stop spreading fear and allow us to make our own decisions. Open us up all the way, if you want to wear a mask please do, however stop forcing it. There are some of us who can’t wear them, and its no ones business why.

*Talking is not an option he won’t listen draw him up on impeachment due to him forcing restrictions on use without proper legislation. Now he is inducing panic and making people not want to go outside. It’s been nearly a year let’s open stuff back up. He claims ICU beds are full but if you ask hospitals they have plenty of room and hardly admit patients with Covid because it can be controlled by simply taking mucinex D.

*Allow us our freedom to make our own decisions to keep our families safe and businesses open. Appreciate you being the voice of reason and common sense Ms Manchester. What can we do to stop the Governor’s inappropriate decisions. If Florida can do it why can’t Ohio!!

While others want action taken –

*Well, how many times are you and the rest of the legislature going to tell the governor you don’t agree? When are you going to move to impeach? When did the state of Ohio elect a king?

*Maybe if you tell him one more time what he’s doing is wrong then he’ll listen. Or, you could do your job and propose legislation to put an end to this. You were hired to get things done not plead and beg.

*It all sounds good, but what ACTIONS are our representatives taking to stop his orders? What reassurances are being provided to our small businesses that they are free to operate without fear of unlawful discipline as a result of unlawful orders?

These Facebook posts from our reps might make them feel better about their lack of ACTION, but it doesn’t help Ohio’s small business owners feel like they’re operating in a free society.

Small business owners are being forced and extorted to serve as an enforcing extension of Dewine’s orders.

I challenge you, Susan Manchester, and our other local representatives, to produce a record of actions taken against the unlawful orders handed down by a governor who is grossly abusing the power of his office.

Please, for the sake of our businesses and families, stop talking and start doing. It’s why we elected you.

and some who support the Governor –

Individuals clearly cannot follow simple guidelines to “do what’s best” as the covid numbers continue to spike. People are asked to wear masks and socially distance, yet fail to comply with this small sacrifice. Shutdowns are necessary when hospitals are at capacity and don’t have the beds/ workforce to handle the current crisis. If you truly care about the people you serve, you’d recognize the risks that affect all people when others don’t do what they are supposed to.