Angela Bruggeman

12-5-19 – UPDATED

Celina Police Department News Release

On February 3, 2019, 32 year old Angela Bruggeman of 3601 SR703, Celina was arrested on a 38 count indictment from the Mercer County Common Pleas Court.  These include THEFT (Felony 4th Degree), THEFT (Felony 5th Degree),   THEFT (Misdemeanor 1st Degree) and 34 counts of FORGERY (Felony 5th Degree).

These indictments were as a result of an investigation conducted by the Celina Police Department at the request of Christopher T. Wendel .  Ms. Bruggeman was an employee of Wendel’s at Wendel Financial Group, Celina’s Country Music Authority and Christopher T. Wendel Enterprises.

During her employment, Angela Bruggeman handled various duties to include payment of payroll and day to day expenses.  She allegedly used that position to embezzle funds from Christopher Wendel in an amount in excess of $22,000.00.

In a separate indictment, Angela Bruggeman is charged with SAFECRACKING (Felony 4th Degree),  BREAKING AND ENTERING (Felony 5th Degree), THEFT (Felony 5th Degree) and CRIMINAL TRESPASS (Misdemeanor 4th Degree).  These are the result of a November 11, 2018 incident where she is alleged to have entered Boot’s N Boutbon (operated by Celina’s Country Music Authority, LLC) at 201 S. Main St., Celina during non-business hours, gain access the safe and remove approximately $1,200.00 in cash.


(2-4-19) According to police reports on Sunday morning Angela Bruggeman (31)  of Celina was taken into custody on numerous charges and is currently being held in the Mercer County Adult Detention Facility without bond pending an initial court appearance

Felony charges

  • (three counts) of Theft by Deception
  • Safe Cracking
  • breaking and entering
  • forgery

Misdemeanor charges

  • petty theft
  • criminal trespassing

Timeline –

  • June (2017) – 38 charges including forgery and grand theft related to incidents at Wendel Financial Group  involving a large amount of money
  • November (2017) unlawfully entered Boots and Bourbon in Celina and forcing her way into a vault, safe or strong box and taking $1,200 in cash.