The student has been charged with a second degree felony of inducing panic involving a school and a fourth degree felony of telecommunications harassment.

Van Wert Superintendent Staci Kaufman

“We are grateful to the Van Wert Police Department, sheriff department, highway patrol, and others who have assisted to resolve this threat quickly.

“VWCS keeps student and staff safety first. Today, we made a decision to close school in regard to a threat made. Staff will continue to review and rehearse safety procedures, in light of school violence nationally and the threat made today.”

A second threat was sent out about Crestview Schools, who had a three hour delay but remained open, with police officers on sight to help with security. According to police officials the threat to Crestview did not resemble the one that Van Wert schools had received.

Lincolnview Local Schools posted a statement on their website from Superintendent Jeff Snyder concerning the threat at Van Wert.


The Van Wert Police Department

“Our department has been made aware of a threat that is supposedly going to cause a disruption sometime this month at school. Our department along with several other departments are looking into the matter.”

Schools around the country have received social media threats as well since the shootings in the Miami, Florida. Neighboring Celina also was the focus of a social media threat and a student was indentified and police officials are currently invetigating the situation.