(8-7-17) In a recent Outlook posting, Your Input on the New Bryson Park District, many of those who commented on our Facebook page asked that Lakeshore Drive not be re-routed.

  • Keep Lake Shore Drive the way it is. Listen to the citizens and taxpayers of the city. They like it.
  • Leave lake shore drive alone, create an environment where kids can play and have fun, a safe play zone for the kids. No large businesses.
  • Do not reroute Lake Shore Drive. Many, many people love to sit and eat their lunch or dinner and enjoy the view the lake. It is easy access to fishing. It is a wonderful part of Celina and the lake.
  • Keep Lake Shore Drive! I like driving by the lake. Make it a park for families.
  • I don’t think Lake Shore Drive should be moved. Why do all of that for a few boats. Why tie it in to West Bank Rd, it’s too far for a lot of people to walk. You can already walk it to the lighthouse and beyond anyway.
  • I haven’t done the math but it sure seems like a lot more cars take lakeshore dr than sailboats looking to dock in the hot water hole

At the July 10th City Council Meeting, Council President Jason King:

President King stated we welcome all feedback from the public.

President King stated the priority was what the people of Celina want when negotiating the layout.

Below is contact information for Celina City Officials and Council Members to share your thoughts and ideas for the new park. August 14th Council Meeting is scheduled to give details of what stages and the plan for the future of the Bryson Park District.

Contact information: